Centrifugal Fan
Centrifugal Blower
We are instrumental in offering our clients with a precision engineered range of centrifugal blowers that is designed to for usage in cement, glass, power and pharmaceutical industries. Integrated with several components like fans, housing, rotor, drive and bearings, these high pressure blowers are suitable for combustion air, product cooling, pressure booster furnace blowers, foundry cupolas, glass cooling, drying ovens, smoke abstinent, liquid agitation and chip blowing.
The specifications of these blowers are given below:
  • Available in various sizes 1/4 hp to 150 hp 
  • Air handling capacities of 100 MCH to 150000 MCH 
  • Systems resistance of 100mm to 2200mm WG static pressure
These blowers are fitted with the following components:
Centrifugal Fans
Outlet Dampers
  • Fabricated in a separate frame 
  • Conveniently flanged for duct connection 
  • The blades operate in parallel and rotate in bearings located out side of air stream
  • Assures appropriate control of air volume (For extremely accurate volume control, paraflow or proportioning type damper should be used)
Cleanout Door
  • For easy access to the wheel and housing interior 
  • For inspection or cleaning 
  • Quick release door that conforms to the scroll curvature
  • Securely held by refrigerator type latches
  • Gasket for minimizing gas leakage
Belt Guard
  • Heavy gauge welded construction 
  • Provides protection to personnel
Coupling Guard
  • Welded construction 
  • Protects from possible injuries due to rotating coupling
Heat Slinger
  • Cast aluminum rotor 
  • Used to create strong circulation of ambient air over the shaft and inboard bearing
  • Shields bearings from hot gases, which may escape through the housing 
  • Reduces heat conduction from shaft to bearings
  • Asbestos disc bolted to housing side
  • Limiting gas leakage around shaft (Not gas-tight)
Drain Connection
  • Threaded pipe coupling welded to the lowest point on the scroll to allow condensate or other liquids to drain 
  • Easily connected with standard pipes or traps
Vibration Isolator
  • Available in either steel spring type or rubber type to prevent vibrations transfer to adjoining area